Top 10 Sports Cars You Didn’t Know About

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We are here to see about the top 10 Sports Cars you didn’t know about. Hear by there is the car in the high intensity of speed that capable of drag the black pillow. High speed is always dangerous to whom the won’t think speed is also made to live in heaven. The reason is wheel won’t touch roads. Tear the air with the top classy and impeccable speed in roads. The list is just as you expect but hit down for more wow reactions.


It quotes quarter-mile runs for the standard-width Hellcat Redeye and Hellcat models at 11.1 seconds at 131 mph and 11.2 at 125. Top-speed claims are 195 mph for the Hellcat Widebody, 199 mph for the narrow-body model, and 203 mph for both Redeye variants.

Dodge says that the Redeye should be able to run to 60 mph in as little as 3.4 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds quicker than we recorded in our test of an automatic-equipped 707-hp Hellcat. Dodge wasn’t specific about whether the 3.4-second time applied to the standard or Widebody versions of the Redeye, nor did it offer acceleration times for the non-Redeye Hellcat. It’s safe to assume that they’re all quick and loud.


At $6,270,000 it’s not cheap, but considering that works out to just 2.7 percent of the car’s base price, it’s proportionately more affordable than the moonroof on a BMW X2, and far more likely to impress every time you tap the button to cycle through the modes.

As with any car rolling out of Crewe, the new Continental GT convertible’s interior comes decked out with the sort of high-end features and materials we 99 Percenters can only dream of seeing at home, let alone in our cars. Though to be fair, even the wealthy might feel their houses are unworthy after glancing over the sort of fabrics and finishes available. Sure, there’s the usual myriad colors of exquisite leather—only from bulls, of course, as cow’s skin can have stretch marks—and varieties of gorgeous wood, sustainably sourced and stretching across 108 square feet of the cabin.


The McLaren Senna has bagged another lap record, this time at the Magny-Cours Club circuit in central France, as it lapped the 1.7 km (1.1 miles) long track in 1:14.93. McLaren ranks 8th in the list of top 10 sports Cars you didn’t know about.

Sitting close to the top of McLaren’s range, under the speed tail, the Senna can sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.8 seconds, hit 200 km/h (124 mph) in 6.8 seconds and 300 km/h (186 mph) in 17.5 seconds, while flat out, it will do 335 km/h (208 mph). vehicles, luxury lifestyle

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