10 Clever Storage Ideas for a Small Laundry Room

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Stuck with a small laundry room? Make the most of it with these clever and super functional storage ideas.

After years of living in New York City with no washer/dryer unit, my tiny laundry room feels luxurious. But for those of you who, like me, have a laundry room that could be described as “petite,” you know firsthand that there are some small-space storage challenges that you have to face. With a little creativity, you can create space for everything you need and then some. Check out some of our favorite small laundry room storage hacks.

Add Wall Storage for Laundry Supplies

The key to success in a small laundry room is using all the available space you can. This means you might have to ditch your dreams of hanging cool artwork on the wall and instead think about how you could best use that wall space to house essentials. A hanging wire storage rack works well for storing detergent, dryer sheets or orphan socks that need to find their mates. The hooks are a great option for hanging lingerie or other smaller items to dry.

Hang a Drying Rack From the Ceiling

Now that you’ve used all the wall space you can, it’s time to look to the ceiling. This is another often overlooked spot in a tiny laundry room that could benefit from something like a drying rack. This simple ladder-like drying rack is hung from the ceiling with chains and serves as a spot to hang items to dry or clothing that has been pressed. If you hand-wash a lot of your clothing or have delicate items that you don’t put in the dryer, a hanging rack may be a smart investment for you.

Add Shelving to Unused Corners

Unused corners in your laundry room are a great spot to think about adding some shelving. There are so many wall shelf options these days, so you can almost always find something to fit perfectly your space.

Store Supplies in Baskets + Storage Containers

Once you have some shelves, try to get ahead of the mess by wrangling your laundry supplies in baskets, jars and other storage containers. Even if your laundry room is in an unseen corner of your home, you’ll enjoy doing laundry much more if your space looks neat and pulled together.

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